The Significance Of Family Law

types of family lawFamily law is a special division of law that is aimed at protection of individual rights of spouse, children and any other member of the family. The scope of family law is quite vast, dealing with issues like, divorce, separation, alimony, spousal support, custody of child or children, separation of property, legal obligation of the partners and their family members and a lot of other issues. A professional Family Law Attorney is the best person to advice in case of any dispute in a family, which asks for family law intervention.

Annulment and Divorce:

Although overall these two terms look similar, Divorce happens when the partners are separated by the court order from their marriage. In this case, the record remains that both the persons were married once, but are separated due to certain circumstances. But in Annulment, the court orders both the partners to stay apart and treat as if the marriage never happened. In general Divorce is more general as compared to Annulment, which is fought by professional Family Law Attorney allocated by either or both of the partners’ side.

Child Custody:

When there is a separation happens in between both the partners, the court orders for child custody in the best interest of the child and his/ her future. In this case, the mother or the father can apply for child custody from the court with the help of their Family Law Attorney and the court order is considered final in the arbitration and final decision.


child cutody battle in courtWhen one of the parents gains child custody, the other parent may seek for Visitation. If allowed by court, the other parent who doesn’t have custody of the child may visit the child as scheduled by the court.

Child Support:

Once the custody of the child is established, the custodian may apply for child support from the other partner. This can be for food, shelter, clothing, education, healthcare and may be for any other aspects as per the best interest of the future of the child. The Family Law Attorney help people in getting the child support from the other party in case of divorce.


Alimony also known as Spouse Support is asked by the Family Law Attorney of the spouse from the other partner in the court. This is done in order to support the dependent spouse to lead an independent life in future. Alimony can be asked as One-Time-Settlement or on a regular monthly basis as per the interest of the spouse.

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